Author Topic: Opposition Parties (uncensored thread)  (Read 14496 times)

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Re: Opposition Parties (uncensored thread)
« Reply #90 on: April 07, 2022, 12:30:54 pm »
And how is Canada listed higher than the United States, when for better or worse, they have much more freedom? 
Did the so-called arch conservative think tanks take into consideration Trudeau's new anti-protest, freezing bank accounts attitude?  Because nothings screams of freedom than the government freezing your bank account without a court order! LOL!  That doesn't even get into Trudeau's new internet censorship legislation.  FREEEEEEEDOOOOOMMM!

Again, that's all your opinion based on your own subjective criteria. If you want to know why Canada ranks higher than the States in the Cato/Fraser rankings you could simply seek out their report.
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