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Re: Opposition Parties (uncensored thread)
« Reply #60 on: March 16, 2022, 11:29:45 am »
so your retort to Andrew Coyne's analysis calling for a serious Conservative leader is to... whatabout PM #3peatTrudeau?

again, yours is a loses lament! Popular vote is for loses! It's a consolation "prize"... like a participation ribbon! Again, the CPC vote numbers were minimally greater than the Liberals: in 2019 ~220K votes greater; in 2021 ~186K votes greater. Those numbers are hardly HUUUUUGE and in relation to other parties and respective provincial outcomes are principally "skewed" by one province - Alberta!

consensus seems to be that Poilievre (if he wins) will similarly carry these, uhhh... disgruntled votes from Alberta. But as Andrew Coyne writes, it will take a serious Conservative leader to convince a 'nervous' electorate that he/she has the character & judgment to win. You know, from the linked image/article that you completely ignored!


again, popular vote means diddlySquat. That being said, as I showed with that 2021 election result graphic, you're pining over a measly ~186,000 votes! What you referred to as a significant amount! LOL!

again: #Trudeau3Peat ... apparently... it's a part of the Brand!

I think Harper is 1 win 1 lose to Trudeau.  At least Harper won the popular vote each election he won.  Regardless, that doesn’t take away from Trudeau being a complete clown.  He is.  He’s not a serious person.  So Coynes point is moot.
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