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Re: Opposition Parties (uncensored thread)
« on: February 28, 2022, 04:45:17 am »
on again/off again Finance Shadow Minister #PigeonPierre has made repeated attempts to lay the blame for Canada's increased inflation rate on PM Trudeau and Liberal government policies/actions... with the ever repeating collective CPC nattering/use of the phrase & tag JustinFlation! Of course this nonsense was so easily dispatched by those experts from across the political spectrum, including prominent conservative pundits and the most profiled Canadian economists who stated the current inflation increase has almost nothing to do with the federal government’s policies. Notwithstanding current inflation is a global phenomenon Poilievre would have Canadians believe PM Trudeau's reach and influence is, apparently, global in impacting upon and acting to create the same increased inflation rates found in the U.S., in Germany, in the UK, etc.!

of course the real causes of the current increased inflation reflect upon and are being driven by, in the near term, the pandemic and its impact on everything from oil and gas prices to supply chains. And, of course, one of the more prolific longer term drivers of inflation is climate change - something CPC/Poilievre wants nothing to do with in terms of acknowledging the threat and economic impacts of! More pointedly, the CPC/Poilievre are wanting to emphasize one of their key perceived reasons for increased inflation as one tied to Liberal government deficit pandemic spending in support of Canadians... certainly something that, according to #PigeonPierre, would never happen if Conservatives were 'in charge'! Who can forget this spanking Minister Freeland gave Poilievre in that very regard, where he outright stated:

Quote from: CPC Finance Shadow Minister, Pierre Poilievre
You may want to address COVID-19 with big fat government programs; we're conservatives, we don't believe in that!

Deputy Prime Minister Freeland reminds the CPC MP for Carleton, Pierre Poilievre, what he said when asked what support the government should offer to Canadians hurt by the pandemic: