Author Topic: The Official Opposition thread (was O’Toole thread)  (Read 2147 times)

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FFS member wilber! How many times does this need to be beat-back? That so-called ad never ran... it was never approved to run. It was put up on the Liberal Party website by a staffer for all of 15 minutes or so - and then pulled at the request of party leader Martin after he saw it.

quit making shyte up, hey!

Guess that's why it was all over the media. Good way to get free advertising.

again, it was not a formal ad and never played anywhere. Of course some intrepid weasel captured it even in the minimal time it actually existed on the party website before being taken down... and since that time (now some 15 years later), misinforming Conservative supporting types... like you member wilber... keep plying this nonsense, over and over and over again! Get a grip hey!