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no - not a strawman... at all! If you're going to forevah whine about Electoral Reform, than you should be ready to acknowledge... accept... that in all the related review processes, no clear choice emerged for an alternative system of voting. What did become clear is the problem that can occur with proportional representation and the negative influence that fringe parties can hold over a functioning government!

surely you're not one of those wanting change just for the sake of change - surely!

Quote from: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
I will not move towards any form of proportional representation, but if people want to talk about a different system that might benefit Canadians, like a preferential ballot, I'd be open to that

Bull, he promised electoral reform legislation within 18 months of forming government.

no public consensus on an alternate presented itself... polls consistently showed that a majority of those polled did not want to change the electoral system. Pointedly, also consistently from the point the campaign suggestion was made, PM Trudeau repeatedly stated he did not favour going directly to the people (as in a referendum approach to determine an alternative). The waldo's recall has you, member wilber, repeatedly touting the B.C. electoral referendums... that is until the waldo showcased just what a sham they were... related posts can certainly be replayed if you'd like to dance again!

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