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Re: The Official Opposition thread (was O’Toole thread)
« Reply #15 on: December 16, 2020, 04:20:46 pm »
To say their heart was in the right place is offensive.  It diminishes, excuses and tries to justify the horrors that took place.

We would never say the abusive husband was just trying to teach wifely duties by assaulting her and he didn't know better because in those days it was ok to hit your wife.  We are rightfully aghast. 

Same goes for residential schools, there is no they were awful 'but' anything.  They were awful.  Period.

I'm saying they had different standards. You want to judge them from a different age and perspective. The idea of the schools was a product of the age, what happened in them was terrible by any standard. The abuse in those schools spanned many decades and many governments. O'Toole using it as a political talking point was bullshit, Liberals and Conservatives share the blame for letting it go on for so long.
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