Author Topic: The Official Opposition thread (was O’Toole thread)  (Read 4444 times)

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no - I provided the missing context that purposely misinforming O'Toole/CPC supporters fail to include/mention - try rereading it again, hey!
Like providing the missing consensus that was never included/mentioned by Trudeau when he pledged no more FPTP?  Okay,  I get that.

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waldo, isn't that the guy who was instrumental in phasing out Ontario's coal-fired power plants... and bringing in the federal carbon tax? That's a helleva chestnut, hey! Yes waldo, it's clear Butts' key architect role for both Liberal McGuinty's and PM Trudeau’s electoral victories positions him as the arch-nemesis to failed Conservative supporters!

Not to mention to economic growth and balanced budgets, WALL-E.

But then, economic growth is not really on the Liberal party agenda, now is it.