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Re: Me Trudeau Goes to Washington
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How many aircraft to those countries regularly deploy to the Baltic?  How many bank branches do they have in central and South American?  How many ships do they have deployed in the Caribbean?  Off the West coast of Central America?  In the Atlantic and Caribbean?  How many troops do they have in Ukraine?  Latvia?  Iraq?  How many breakthroughs in AIDS and Ebola research have they made lately? made lately?   Canada is among the worlds top 20 countries in almost every category.

And how many countries give a **** what Canada wants or says or does? We couldn't get even get Belgium to sign a trade agreement with us until the EU beat up on them. Power means influence. We have no influence around the world. We never have had. That so many liberals liked to puff out their chests with pride is merely a matter of people deluding themselves.

I'm reminded of a time, back in Mulroney's day, when he was leading the charge against apartheid. He was visiting one of the 'front line states' at the time, I forget for what sort of conference. I think it was Zambia. Anyway, there was a Canadian journalist in a cell in that country at the time, had been there for most of a year without charge. He was still there when they left. Mulroney didn't dare utter a peep about him and he and his people avoided responding when the press tried to bring it up.

Influence? Riiiight. We couldn't even tell a puny little nothing country like Zambia to let him go or charge him.
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