Author Topic: Just Who is the CPC Leader - Andrew Scheer?  (Read 8435 times)

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Re: Just Who is the CPC Leader - Andrew Scheer?
« Reply #1380 on: November 30, 2019, 03:46:30 pm »
how to make sense of the weak Andy move to name his Deputy Leader => Leona Alleslev ... other than "notoriety" gained in crossing the floor to join the CPC, Alleslev who?

so... just days in and Alleslev showcases a new CPC strategy toward the carbon tax: stating a carbon tax is job killing/doesn't reduce emissions... what, wait, that's the same failed strategy as before. And now in an interview with CBC Radio's 'The House': in trying to defend weak Andy's failure to appear in Pride Parades, Alleslev compares them to St. Patrick's Day Parades!

"I think that that's obviously his choice and we live in a country where that's his choice," Alleslev told host Chris Hall. "Have we asked anybody if they marched in a St. Patrick's Day parade?"