Author Topic: I think Kevin O'leary is a Jerk  (Read 190 times)

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Re: I think Kevin O'leary is a Jerk
« on: February 02, 2017, 02:53:05 pm »
So in a world where guns exist and people shoot them is there an implied mandatory waiting period before you can shoot them again after someone does something terrible with one and does that apply to other weapons as well?

No, not at all. I don't have any problem with when O'Leary heads out the range to renew his old hobby. The point is he demonstrated great insensitivity by using today to try and make political hay out of it. This is not about him going to the range, it is about him publishing that fact. There is nothing fake about this news, the leadership hopeful of one of Canada's major political parties decided to make it news and the CBC carried it.

b.t.w. While I consider democratic reform important, and Trudeau breaking his promise a big news item, the act of terrorism in Quebec city is still the top news item. I didn't watch the National last night so I don't know what the relevance of Trump story so the producer may have made the wrong call in that case.

If it was on purpose, as in an attempt to make a statement, i would agree with you, but there doesn't seem to be any indication of that.  Would either of us be as insensitive if we did the same? i know he's a public figure, i know he's running, kinda, but i think it's an overreach to somehow link these two things and make it 'news'.  Well the shooting was a few days ago, and of course im just insensitive, but the stories they displayed last night didn't add much, in fact part of the 9 minutes was about the sign put up on Kelly leitch's office and the Trump story was about protests over the ban, in the US.  Anyway, we could quibble about every detail but i don't recall any of the, not so good for Trudeau stories leading the National, as I said, on at least one occaision with the mydemocracy survey story or the Castro story, im not sure which now, it was trending all day, the media was all over it on twitter, it was covered on CBC's power and politics, but on the biggest news broadcast in the country it was the third story, one of the ones ahead of it was about air miles points...i mean, come on.
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