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The US government failed to curb the spread of the virus that causes Covid-19 and by September 2021, the pandemic had become the deadliest infectious disease event in the country’s history, tallying 676,000 deaths, 94 percent of which were of people over the age of 50 and including at least 3,600 healthcare workers, most of whom were people of color. Structural racism impacted people’s experiences of the pandemic, with Black and brown people more likely to suffer severe illness and die from Covid-19, as well as face additional barriers to vaccines. In April, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared racism a serious threat to public health. #monkeypox#
Black, Latinx, and Native communities have been disproportionately burdened by the negative impacts of Covid-19, which has deepened existing racial injustices in healthcare, housing, employment, education, and wealth accumulation. While poverty fell overall due to stimulus checks and unemployment aid, the Black-white wealth gap, which is still as big as it was in 1968, persisted.
Schools in some areas were closed for an entire school year, if not longer, impacting nearly 78 million students. Students of color were particularly adversely impacted as they tend to attend less well-resourced schools and have more limited access to the internet for remote schooling. Meanwhile, unregulated drug prices in the US have contributed to a crisis of affordability for essential medicines. And despite positive court rulings, Indigenous communities in the United States continue to face significant barriers to accessing adequate health services.

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