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Re: Government Day-to-Day
« Reply #2280 on: November 04, 2022, 12:03:06 pm »
Classic whataboutism.  You can't defend the bad governance of PM Trudeau, so you need to deflect to 8+ years ago with Harper.  Come'on man!

again, given how 3-peat Trudeau has so ravaged the governing opportunities for the CPC, we're forced to look back to HarperDays... cause that's where comparative samples exist! I note you're not even trying to substantiate that 50+ million taxpayer freeloading 3-day spendingpalooza that Harper took to see a ball game/Broadway show in New York City - indeed!

That's odd because the police were able to clear the protesters at the Ambassador Bridge.  It's almost as though Wonder boy and his regime wanted the protesters to stay there in Ottawa, so that they could use it for political purposes.

and why couldn't the police bust the 3-week occupation of downtown Ottawa? Geezaz, as one of the organizers said in his testimony, "it was only horns"... oh, and the waldo says not to forget the bouncy castles, the hot tubs, the street BBQs, etc..

the police: we could have stopped the Ottawa Convoy occupation
also the police: we didn't stop the occupation... cause, like... whatever!