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Re: Government Day-to-Day
« Reply #2265 on: November 04, 2022, 11:00:45 am »
LOL, what about Harper!  Bwaaahaaaahaaa!

c'mon Shady! 3-peat Trudeau forces us to go back to Harper for like comparisons... that ~50 million Harper excursion to New York City (to see a Yankees game, take in a Broadway show) is just so easy to draw upon - that's gold when you want to throw down current day civil servant/procurement related costing. As the luddite you truly are, I appreciate you actually think PM Trudeau wrote the Arrive Can application code! LOL!

It was PM Trudeau that invoked the Emergencies Act.  It's up to him to justify it.

testimony to-date has shown just how weak/lame/limp the various police forces were... notwithstanding the actual 'information leaks' provided to the ConvoyFreedumbCrew by sympathetic police. And... recent days testimony from Convoy Organizers has been gold in realizing just how steadfast and long-haul committed the protestingAzzholes were. And let's highlight this lil' gem from Tamara Lich's testimony where she stated: "Within the first couple of days of us starting to organize before we left, I did have politicians reaching out to me that did want to get up and speak"... unfortunately as the waldo reads, the cross-examining lawyer didn't have the wherewithal to ask if one of those politicians was PeePee!