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Federal Liberal government seeking private-sector solution for export of East Coast LNG to Europe

Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says two private-sector proposals to export liquefied natural gas from Canada’s East Coast to European countries struggling to reduce their reliance on Russian fuel will need to move forward without federal financing.

Mr. Wilkinson said in an interview that Ottawa is aiding in discussions between Canadian energy companies and prospective German buyers of LNG. But he added that the two energy proposals will have to stand on their own merits and go through Canadian regulatory reviews to ensure they meet this country’s climate goals.

“Our view is the private sector should be putting up the money for these projects, and it should be done on a commercial basis,” Mr. Wilkinson said.

“We’re certainly willing to assist in the conversations with our friends in Germany who are looking for these kinds of supplies to ensure that there are long-term arrangements, contractual arrangements that provide certainty for the private sector.”