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Re: Government Day-to-Day
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read it again! I said there are no official formal party attachments IN ALBERTA! But, again, given the history/results in Alberta, there has clearly been a run of candidates/elected & nominated that had strong attachments to Conservative parties (again, Reform, PC and UCP party attachments).  Somehow you have the audacity to suggest/imply this Alberta only process has been democratic! Geezaz!

the waldo calls bullshyte: provide citation to support your claim OR retract it!
=> current federal members (other than the already detailed Chair):
- Melisa Blake & Francois Rolland
=> current Alberta members:
- Elizabeth Cannon & Karen MacKenzie

really, hey! There are currently NO Liberal Senators; the previous Liberal Senate Caucus was not formally affiliated to or recognized by the Liberal Party. Per PM Trudeau's want/initiative, this Caucus was dissolved in 2019 and all members became 'independent'; these members either positioned formally as Independent Senators or they became a part of a newly formed non-partisan parliamentary group, the Progressive Senate Group. This was in line with the initiative bringing forward the Advisory Board for Senate Appointments. There still continues to be a formal Conservative Senate Caucus.

Do you honestly think that abolishing a title changes the way they think or act? That if you just call something independent it automatically becomes independent? That if you appoint a partisan individual to a position and call it independent they magically  become independent? Please.
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