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Re: Government Day-to-Day
« Reply #855 on: November 22, 2020, 03:55:08 pm »
member wilber, since you're holding up Australia as the model for Canadians to follow:
=> Australia uses Alternative Vote (AV) for its House... Single Transferable Vote (STV) for its Senate. Accordingly, still following parts of the Westminster model, the Australian Prime Minister is selected by the controlling House party chosen by AV. Alternative Voting, sometimes referred to as 'ranked balloting' was said to be the preferred Liberal Party of Canada choice over FPTP.
=> member wilber, given this bonehead play of yours, do a bit of research and come back and advise why Australia still uses AV for its House... and STV for its 'sober second thought' Senate - yes?

as for the second emphasis I put forward... that you completely ignored... there's a past thread here where I provided key examples where your favoured PR has limitations/problems; again, as in failing coalitions and fringe party control. Don't make me search for it!  ;D

Apparently. Real leaders can still survive nicely with PR. Witness Merkel in Germany and Ardern in NZ who managed a majority in their recent election.

c'mon member wilber - you ignoring your bigTimeFail concerning Australia won't make it go away!

and now you do it again with Germany & New Zealand... where both countries use a form of PR - Mixed Member Proportional (MMP). The forms of PR are many - you so over simplify with your lack of specificity/detail. Since you continue to reference countries without providing any detail, the waldo asks if you'll do some research and come back and advise on the Germany/New Zealand % splits of local versus regional party members elected... and whether the local members elected are no different than how we elect all members here in Canada (i.e., winner takes all). Facts/details matter member wilber!
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