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Re: Government Day-to-Day
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Quote from: Black Dog link=topic=919.msg69555#msg69555 date=1605900 393
Oh for sure dude, because starting a businesses is easy and cheap and a surefire license to print money. That's why so many businesses *checks notes* fail within the first 3 to 5 years.

But here's the thing: more people would be willing and able to take the risk of starting their own businesses if they were guaranteed an income supplement to cushion them should they fail.

Nothing ventured nothing gained.  If you don't want the risk then there's zero-risk wage jobs everywhere waiting for you.

Why do you need a guaranteed income supplement if your business fails?  Just go apply for a job.  You can also choose to buy into income protection insurance as a self-employed person. I also know employers can claim certain EI benefits like sickness.
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