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Re: Government Day-to-Day
« Reply #780 on: November 20, 2020, 11:52:29 am »
Why wouldn't that stuff get done? A UBI doesn't replace the need for people to work; it would simply ensure people would have a few extra bucks in their pockets to supplement existing incomes. For the people working those shitty but essential jobs, that could be the difference between permanent grinding poverty and an actual better life for themselves and their children.

The point is, we all need those people doing the shitty jobs to survive ourselves, whether it is janitors, garbage collectors, the people who work in food processing plants and a thousand other things. so we are the masters throwing the scraps. This idea that we can all just collect a salary and just do the jobs that appeal to us is pie in the sky nonsense. There may be a case for an income supplement but there is none for an income replacement. We already have that with EI, disability pensions and welfare.
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