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Re: Government Day-to-Day
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Due to automation it's probably inevitable Gorgeous, but we still have a few years to consider it. Then it will all be in 'who' or what politicans make the decisions who is lazy, etc.

There are a lot more questions involved than what is indicated by the squad's callous spamming.
Automation is different.  If a person is able to work but genuinely can't find a job then I have no problem giving them benefits.  If there are jobs available but a healthy person refuses to work, you and I should not be paying for their income.  It's ridiculous.  I would have no problem paying for them to be re-trained, and paying for their income while they are retraining.

The kinds of people who propose these programs are the same types of people who allow their unemployed adult children to live for free in their basement while mom cooks them dinner and does their laundry.  They think they're being kind, but it isn't good for anyone.  We should not be incentivizing people to become dependents of the state.

We have quite a few adult infants on this forum, prone to tantrums/name-calling as well, so their feelings on this are no surprise to me.  They prefer themselves and other to remain infants.  A wonderful way to run a country.
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