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Re: Government Day-to-Day
« Reply #630 on: October 20, 2020, 02:06:47 pm »
so... the relentless WE Charity nattering of CPC #PigeonPierre and NDP CharlieLingus has emboldened the CPC to want to bring forward a voting motion to create a special committee, "to probe the government's {presumed} ethical lapses & pandemic response spending"... a committee that CPC leader O'Tool has actually called an "anti-corruption committee".

with the government alternatively proposing to strike a special committee with a narrower mandate to review federal COVID-19 program spending, PM Trudeau has declared the proposed CPC motion... a confidence motion with a related election call.

Quote from: PM Justin Trudeau
We have rolled out unprecedented measures to support Canadians, to support small businesses, to support families, to support communities right across the country, and we feel that parliamentarians should in this exceptional time have an ability to look very carefully at all that spending. And that's why we're proposing this special committee.

But it will be up to parliamentarians and the opposition to decide whether they want to make this minority Parliament work, or whether they've lost confidence in this government's ability to manage this pandemic and continue to govern this country during this crisis.

it's only coincidental that, today:

=> NDP leader Singh formally announces Margaret Trudeau should be off-limits to any considerations of scrutinizing the WE Charity... this after CharlieLingus has spent months demonizing her.

=> CharlieLingus announces he's done with twitter

=> CPC leader O'Tool asks to have his beer held... and rushes forward to amend the motion stating it has been amended to include language specifying that creating the committee should not be deemed grounds to order an election.  ;D
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