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Re: Government Day-to-Day
« Reply #555 on: August 19, 2020, 11:46:28 am »
c'mon... Harper used perogyPower 4 times! How soon, how convenient for CONDP members to forget this as they rise up against the powerOfPerogy exercised by PM Trudeau/Liberal government!

forces a confidence vote - now who wants an election... let's see, hey!

So?  That's irrelevant because we want better, and not more of the same.

which you're getting! Harper Conservatives prorogued to avoid a confidence vote - PM Trudeau/Liberals prorogued to reset the government's policy and legislative agenda... the prior 'Throne Speech and related policy', of course, had no mention/reference to COVID-19. And as I said, most pointedly, this perogy forces a confidence vote - so let's just wait and see which parties call for an election! Lets just see!