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Re: Government Day-to-Day
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It only added to my impression that the WE organization is pretty questionable. From the real estate holdings to the accusations of exploitation of young volunteers to the transfer of money between different arms of the organization, to the structure of the organization, it all seems ... odd. Jesse Brown talked about all of that stuff at some length to the House committee.  Vivian Krause added some interesting bits (a long with some unsubstantiated speculation). Krause talked about WE's partnerships with large corporations, as well as their privacy policy which states that they can provide your data to 3rd parties.

"citizenAuditor" Krause is a total charlatan! ... see past "debate' on the other board showcasing her prior biglyBigTime failures during prior House testimony!

WE Charity Response to Finance Committee Hearing

- False Claim that WE is "part of the Liberal Party election machine" or shared its database with third-parties
- False Claim that the CSSG contribution agreement was made with WE Charity Foundation, "a real estate holding company"
- False Claim that WE Charity inappropriately owns real estate.
- False Claim that WE Charity was in a financial crisis prior to the CSSG
- False Claim: ME to WE Social Enterprise is inappropriate
- False Claim: Kielburger family real estate benefiting from WE Charity
*Kate Bahen, lead of Charity Intelligence, was referenced at multiple times during the testimony. She has made multiple inaccurate statements to media over the over the past two weeks. Please see HERE for an open letter correcting the public record.
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