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Re: Government Day-to-Day
« Reply #465 on: June 11, 2020, 10:34:50 am »
ya ya, weakAndy/CPC have been pining for more face-time in Parliament... virtual sittings are an impediment to the posturing of CPC barking seals. And the summer recess was clearly the last straw!  ;D

for weeks on end Scheer was nattering on about Canadian fraudsters taking advantage of COVID-19 related assistance. Of course the news that ~190,000 persons, on their own initiatives, moved to pay back monies they weren't rightly entitled to - well that just messed with the Scheer narrative! And yes, it was MORE important to get the money out quickly versus alternate delays that rigourous oversight would have resulted in.

so now the government proposed a new two-fold COVID-19 aid bill intended to offer assistance to disabled persons... along with measures to impose penalties for fraudulently claiming the Canada Emergency Response Benefit... not just "simple mistakes" made; rather, overt fraud actions taken. But the CPC refused to support the new bill - even refusing to support a split bill that would allow a separate vote just on the disability aid... even refusing to discuss/debate the proposals. And why? Because, they have now openly stated they will not debate, they will not vote... on anything - until full Parliament is resumed!

here's Deputy CPC House leader John Nater - MP Perth-Wellington saying exactly that: