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Re: Government Day-to-Day
« Reply #465 on: May 28, 2020, 10:57:23 pm »
Liberals decided they wanted to shut down Parliament during a state of emergency so their MPs can hang out and drink beer over the lovely summer months while the Liberals spend gazillions of dollars that won't be properly scrutinized in Parliament.

Meanwhile, though the Liberals are giving out money to everyone, they won't properly fund the AG so that they can do appropriate audits.

So Liberals want to suppress oversight of their massive spending.  Good job.  Enjoy your summer vacation, paid for by the billions you don't want any oversight on.  Oh yeah and the government wage subsidy the parties are taking too.

your post is a pile of shyte! Of course, for weeks on end, weakAndy has been pushing for a full return of all MPs... apparently claiming virtual sittings don't allow his trained seals to properly perform! It was most inconvenient for media wags to point out to Scheer that he only attended 2 of 6 virtual sittings! What a conArteeest that weakAndy is, hey!

in any case, the fully functioning Parliament voted... you do realize the current minority government couldn't act without gaining enough support, right? ConspiracyG, you do know how minority governments work, right?

but yes, kinda per norm, there will be a summer recess - but not before:
Some MPs will still sit in Ottawa, four days a week well into June as part of a special COVID-19 committee that will include multiple hours of questions on the pandemic from opposition leaders directed at the government. In addition to those in the chamber, MPs from across the country will be able to take part via video conference, with large screens set up inside the House of Commons.

the waldo will allow you a do-over... suggesting you check the date on your linked article!  ;D By the by, the AG's office is proceeding with 3 key audits... I do believe your special whine is covered here, yes? 
- an examination of the federal government’s $187 billion infrastructure plan,
- an audit of COVID-19-related special warrants issued under the Financial Administration Act and
- an audit of Ottawa’s pandemic emergency response

try again, try harder!