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Re: Government Day-to-Day
« Reply #420 on: May 15, 2020, 08:59:14 pm »
We've been sold total BS, as I've been saying for years.  Liberals have been budgeting the last 5 years based on total BS projections that only a fool would think would happen, assuming recessions and big downturns never occur every 7-10 years or so:

"Monday’s fiscal update says the federal deficit is projected to be $28.1-billion in 2020-21, $22.1-billion in 2021-22, $18.4-billion in 2022-23 and $16.3-billion in 2023-24. Those figures include an annual $3-billion “adjustment for risk” to cover unforeseen events or economic changes.

Those annual deficit forecasts compare with the Liberal platform projections of $27.4-billion in 2020-21, $23.7-billion in 2021-22, $21.8-billion in 2022-23 and $21-billion in 2023-24.

Mr. Morneau pointed reporters to government plans to find $1.5-billion a year in internal savings, and said he will deliver on the party’s campaign promises while keeping the federal debt-to-GDP ratio under control."

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