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Re: Government Day-to-Day
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I provided you with the information already.

Where's the link?  Where's the evidence?

Canada will have to roll over a large part of it's debt this year. Borrowing costs for most of Canada's debt will continue to fall for the foreseeable future.

That's always the case during a global recession.  The interest rates will rise inevitably, and if they go up too much we're going to get smacked, just like Giroux said.  You're talking about the next couple of years.  I'm talking about decades because that's how long we'll have this debt in the very best case scenario.

You guys act like we're at the end of the line or something.  We're one of the few AAA rated countries, and we're expected to keep that rating through this.  The federal finances will survive, even if things become a bit tighter at some point in the future.

And you act like nothing is wrong at all, everything is fine.  You do realize this country is on a trend of borrowing every recession and not paying it back right?  It's not sustainable in the longterm.  Something needs to change.  Sure the country will survive, but the gravy train is going to end at some point.  We're burning a candle at both ends.  Everything I've said the last few years about our budget has come to pass.

And our energy sector is being smashed to bits, which is what got us through the last recession.  Investors are fleeing this country at unprecedented rates.  Our economic growth in the short and medium term even after this recession is over is looking like the sh!ts, which is why they're leaving.
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