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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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Is there any evidence that this would help national security?

Obviously if people are sympathetic to a foreign power hostile to Canada that would be a threat to national security. And who would be more likely to be sympathetic than people born and raised in that foreign nation? We're starting to get information that a lot of Chinese Canadians feel a deep sense of affection and pride in China, and get angry when Canada challenges or insults China. Indo-Canadians got angry at the Chretien government years ago when they put sanctions on India for developing a nuclear bomb with our unknowing help but there weren't enough of them to give him pause back then. The number of Chinese-Canadians is rising steadily as tens of thousands more arrive from China each year. China asserts that all ethnic Chinese everywhere should show loyalty to mother China, and all its media and its Canadian controlled media spout that line.
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