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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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Why? Your party doesn't do half the stuff it says it will do and doesn't tell us about half the stuff it intends to do. They're not exactly an open and transparent bunch, y'know, Wally.

but hey now, governments do 'get stuff done', whether one likes said stuff or not - here's a dose of that reality courtesy of ongoing election platform analysis undertaken by Universite Lavalís Centre for Public Policy Analysis; the 2 most recent majority government's in greater position to act upon policy intent statements:

=> 41st Parliament of Conservative Stephen Harper - 2011 to 2015: The Harper government completely met 77% of its election pledges, delivered in part on 7% and broke 16%.

=> 42nd Parliament of Liberal Justin Trudeau - 2015 to 2019: The Trudeau government entirely fulfilled 53.5% of its election pledges, delivered in part on 38.5% and broke 8%.

note: these figures on their own do not support direct comparison; for example, the Liberal 42nd Parliament included almost 5 times as many policy intent pledges than the Conservative 41st Parliament. More pointedly, the analysis states a significant number of the Liberal pledges were transformative (restructuring a system itself rather than reforming some relationship within the existing structure) versus the majority of Conservative pledges were transactional (working within an existing set of institutional & structural arrangements).