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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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Didn't happen. Aside from a few conservative minded columnists those newspapers remain quite centrist. And even the conservative columnists aren't all that conservative. There are no shrill voices like you see from some of the American conservative media figures. The only shrill voices come from places like the Toronto Star and CBC.

shrill is your measure? LOL! Care to name your claimed TorStar & CBC 'shrill voices'... name the names, hey!

try these on for conservative leaning: LilleyPad (aka Brian Lilley), Lorne Gunter, Lorrie Goldstein, Warren Kinsella (yes, that's right - he has gone to dark side... long ago!!!), Andrew Coyne, Chris Selley, Colby Cosh, Barbara Kay, Diane Francis (big time waste of Financial Times space), of course Rex Murphy, Don Baird, Ezrant (aka Ezra Levant, shrillManExtraordinaire), Keean Bexte (miniShrillMan), Don Martin, Robert Fife (kingAzzhole), John Ibbitson, John Ivison (another megaAzzole), David Akin, Craig Oliver, Evan Solomon, Mercedes Stephenson... and, typically, anyone writing for, 'The Post Millennial', the latest rage-baiter for the right-wing, etc., etc., etc..