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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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(Big pointless image deleted)

What exactly is your point?

I never denied that there were sources in Canada that leaned to the political right. In fact I even proactively stated as much.

What I said was that while there were right wing sources, they are balanced by sources that exist on the political left.

Yes, the various newspapers in the Sun newspaper chain lean to the political right. Guilty of charged. I even said as much before you posted your little graphic. Heck, I can even point out some right wing sources that your cheezy little graphic didn't include.

my point? That you, apparently, don't realize there no longer is a, as you say, 'Sun newspaper chain'! Hence the graphic that you're so futzed about... the graphic that represents Postmedia's reach and endorsement of Conservative CPC/O'Toole. Try a googly for the 2015 purchase of Sun media by Postmedia... you're welcome! Postmedia, the largest print and digital media presence in Canada!

the balance you claim doesn't exist. Targeting the CBC is a dated lazy tactic; again, try a googly on the 2008/2015 act by Harper to appoint 9 (of 11) CBC board members... who all donated to the CPC; who all were Conservative loyalists. Today's CBC is, as the saying goes, "not your grandfather's CBC"! Today's CBC is more vested in "both siding stories", and failing in doing so; rather than presenting open & transparent fact based journalism. Your suggestion that MacLeans is "left wing" is laughable... certainly not the way they've, of late, gone after the Liberal party and PM Trudeau! To suggest CTV news is left-wing is also false - evidence Evan Solomon and the biased panels he regularly trots out! I have much more but... I'll give you time to regroup and try again!