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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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In my opinion, Canada doesn't really have a "conservative media bias".

Yes, we do have some sources that lean to the political right (the Sun newspaper chain).
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see the 'U.S. hedge fund' takeover of Postmedia... Postmedia’s plan to shape their newspapers’ coverage
What exactly is your point?

I never denied that there were sources in Canada that leaned to the political right. In fact I even proactively stated as much.

What I said was that while there were right wing sources, they are balanced by sources that exist on the political left.

Yes, the various newpapers in the Sun newspaper chain lean to the political right. Guilty of charged. I even said as much before you posted your little graphic. Heck, I can even point out some right wing sources that your cheezy little graphic didn't include.

But for all those right-wing sources, you have left-wing sources:
- The TORSTAR-related papers (including the Toronto Star, one of the biggest daily newspapers in Canada, as well as smaller papers in places like Hamilton, Brampton, etc.)
- Other newspapers such as the Lethbridge Herald or Barrie Today
- Weekly or monthly sources like Maclean's magazine or La Presse
- The CBC, which is available in virtually every single household in canada
- Other TV/Broadcast/Web services, such as Global News, News 1130, APTN news, or iPolitics

Now, when I look at that list, do I say "Oh no! Canada's media is filled with left-wing commie sources in the same vein as Pravda!" No, I don't. I look at it as a balance... Those left wing sources balance out right wing sources.

Plus, as I mentioned, before, there are also sources that are generally unbiased... CTV News, Le Devoir, CP24.

(Analysis is from

ETA: I find it a little ironic, in your little claim about how "right wing" our media is, you link to an article in the National Observer, a web site that leans to the political left.
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