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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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for all the haters, like you, and in spite of ConMedia attempts...
Ummm... "ConMedia"?

In my opinion, Canada doesn't really have a "conservative media bias".

Yes, we do have some sources that lean to the political right (the Sun newspaper chain). But we also have sources that lean to the left (for example, the Toronto Star. And according to MediaBiasFactCheck, the CBC also has a 'left wing' bias.) And CTV News is actually rated 'Least Biased'.

Taken as a whole, our media is pretty darn centrist.

to influence the election outcome towards the CPC, PM Trudeau has now defeated 3 Conservative leaders in 3 successive elections - Harper, Scheer and O'Toole!
Yes he did. I am actually not that surprised. Prime Ministers usually last ~8-10 years before they get replaced.  Plus, Trudeau has a built-in advantage... he's from Quebec, and Quebecers tend to favor their own in federal elections.

Heck, if anything, I am surprised Trudeau was reduced from a Majority to a minority in the 2019 election.
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