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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
« Reply #330 on: September 24, 2021, 07:06:09 am »
Do you just string together a bunch of words to aggravate people into leaving you alone or did this all make sense as you were typing?  Are you aware of how sentences work?

how pedantic of you! No need to say you're aggravated - you already made that clear by tagging your agreement with that most juvenile Gorgeous summation of the Liberal caucus! LOL! That you actually voted NDP is telling enough - that you haven't the wherewithal to even try to respond to the following is a testament to how naive and gullible you truly are; again:

What has Singh ever done besides take credit for things the Liberals actually did/do?

c'mon, give it a go! The waldo relishes the opportunity to highlight Singh's purposeful lying and misinformation during the campaign... Singh, the guy who ran nothing more than a personal image campaign to the complete detriment of presenting viable and properly funded local riding associations. After 2 elections Singh hasn't moved the NDP needle forward from the disastrous 2015 showing that cost Mulcair his leadership position - and now, after 2 subsequent elections, the NDP is still 11 seats fewer than Mulcair even managed to secure! Again, the perfect summary from a most disgruntled NDP insider - "we're a Jagmeet Singh ad campaign"!

this iteration of the NDP isn't a serious political party. Rather than presenting and running on a viable and properly costed campaign platform, the "progressive" Singh instead chose to, over and over and over again, directly attack PM Trudeau with a plethora of lies and purposeful misinformation - something you won't even attempt to rationalize! Singh ran nothing more than the Scheer 2019 campaign, sans the accompaniment of any semblance of a substantive platform. The NDP that spent $24 million on the 2021 campaign - more than twice its spending on the 2019 campaign... with little gains while further compromising the already precarious financial position of the party!