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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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and, of course, losers playing up the popular vote numbers are starting to whine about electoral reform. As he was asked about electoral reform near the end of the campaign, PRIME MINISTER Trudeau noted, "it was the first time in 36 days that anyone has asked me about about electoral reform." While also unequivocally stating his consistent position on the matter:

Quote from: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
I remain open to getting rid of Canada's first-past-the-post electoral system if the Liberal party is re-elected, provided there's consensus on the issue. This is something that we approached years ago. There was no consensus. If ever there is more of a consensus, it could be interesting to follow up on, and I'd be open to that, 'cause I've never flinched in my desire for ranked ballots.

I would not favour proportional representation as an alternative, because it gives more weight to smaller parties that are perhaps fringe parties; rather, a ranked ballot would be my preference because it contributes to less divisive elections.