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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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They are called tribal because they tend to reject institutions and public cultural practices that are based on intellect.  They suspect that facts are lies, provided by institutions.  "Trust" is an issue.

They don't trust government, science, or logic and are overly paranoid.  That isn't tribalism it's low intelligence and ignorance.

Some of the protestors may in fact be expressing legitimate concerns about government overreach and such, but the nature of the protests is perceived as not being based in logic and community-mindedness as much as it is in paranoia and provincial thinking.

I agree, but that isn't tribalism.  Tribalism is politics based on group identity, like race, religion, ethnicity, language etc.  The Bloc Quebecois is tribalism.  These aren't white nationalist protests.  People aren't protesting hospitals in the name of their identity group, they're protesting for their individual civil liberties, not their group identity aka tribal rights.

The best invention we came up with as a liberal society is the social compact to subvert violence, and leave decisions to a public intellectual exercise.  As flawed as that system can be, it is still better than a forceful mob catharsis....aka tribal

Yes I agree.
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