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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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... the CPC/O'Toole has promised to cut all existing early learning & child-care agreements signed between the Liberal federal government and: => July 8 - British Columbia; => July 12 - Nova Scotia; => July 23 - Yukon; => July 27 - P.E.I.; => July 28 - Newfoundland and Labrador; => August 5 - Quebec; => August 9 - Manitoba => August 13 - Saskatchewan. These agreements include provisioned monies to create required new childcare spaces; additionally monies intended to keep the quality of existing spaces... or improve the quality of spaces as may be necessary.

earlier the waldo provided a study that showed the economic gains realized when women are able to return to the workforce given affordable child care. In addition, Quebec’s experience demonstrates that those returning workforce women will boost growth and productivity — of course, both essential ingredients for an economic recovery... a recovery that CPC/O'Toole continually promises on the election campaign trail!

the CPC/O'Toole alternative to these promised cuts is to provide a tax credit... which does nothing to help create improved and most necessary new childcare spaces to create the foundation necessary for women to return to the workforce.

per Reuters, for select cities, the respective impacts of Liberal versus CPC/O'Toole child care policies:

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