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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
« Reply #180 on: August 27, 2021, 09:52:45 pm »
...drunken COVID spending.

that's quite the summary phrase! Care to actually speak to what benefit spending you found/find... "drunken"?

He's talking a good game on housing too.

that's quite the analysis! LOL! "Good Game" - oh my. Here, I believe the following image presents a Global News summary on the respective housing related policy announcements - care to speak to what CPC/O'Toole has announced that's distinct and better that other party announcements... you know, to have established that "good game" you're talking up?

Trudeau's little power-grab might end up backfiring spectacularly.

power grab? Again, the average duration of completed minorities in Canada is 479 days - this PM Trudeau Liberal minority government has lasted 619 days. Again, Parliament became 'toxic and obstructionist' - those examples of down&dirty obstructionism by CPC & NDP MPs is well understood, well documented! The CPC has tried many times to bring the government down... apparently attempted power grabs you had no concerns over! If not for the propJob of the lying & misinforming NDP/Singh, an election would have been called long ago.