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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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I'm shocked you didn't acknowledge I busted your 'top 20' challenge!

The three ranked above us have mixed systems. Swedes are allowed to pay for private care.

these are meaningless statements in the broader context of analyzing 2-tier within the Canadian health care system - again, there are representative examples right here in Canada, yet for some reason you're fixated on country comparison by a single rank number - meaningless without in-depth analysis, ranking criteria, related data, etc., etc., etc.!

but hey, since it was an easy googly - the role of private health insurance in Sweden:

Private health insurance, in the form of supplementary coverage, accounts for less than 1% of health expenditures. It is purchased mainly by employers and is used primarily to guarantee quick access to an ambulatory care specialist and to avoid wait lists for elective treatment. In 2017 Sweden's population was approximately 10 million; of which 633,000 individuals had private insurance, representing roughly 13% of all employed individuals ages 16 to 64 years.
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