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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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I don't want 2-tier.  Something needs to change, we need more public funding, a lot more.

O'Toole doesn't get to decide any of this anyways so its irrelevant.

the Conservative 2-tier HolyGrail: that patients paying for some health care services/treatments removes them from the public wait list queues, alleviating some of the burden by shortening wait times.

waldo factoid: 2-tier negatively impacts public staffing resources as they move to work in the more lucrative private sector; accordingly, studies and data show that public wait times actually worsen. Further, for-profit private clinics also typically favour high-volume straightforward cases while leaving more medically complex... and costly procedures for the public side.

Quote from: CPC leader O'Toole
Everyone’s wait times will go down but people will be able to access services and capital will come in to drive efficiencies, drive innovation. I trust the premiers to take the lead on what more choice and more innovation means.

I won't stand in the way of provinces working with the private sector to make changes to how care is delivered. I view innovation as a good thing. I trust the premiers to do what is best for patients in their provinces. If Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario or Quebec want to innovate to provide better health care, I support that.