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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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Do you actually maintain that 2-tier doesn't negatively impact upon public healthcare - is that your position?

asked but not answered! Let's try this one: do you recognize that 2-tier is actually 2 standards of health care?

member Boges - wait lists is certainly a most worthy discussion topic; however, proper in-depth coverage of it would completely derail this election campaign thread - no thankee! Alternatively, as each party leader is doling out the pledges, if one of those health care related pledges contains targeted wording towards wait list times and management therein, I'd be keen to pursue further - I have yet to hear that direct targeting...

CTV's Power Play: video of Evan Solomon speaking with Dr. Katharine Smart, President of the Canadian Medical Association:

Solomon asking for comment in regards CPC/O'Toole's unexplained jugglingAct to, "protect universal health care access while creating more private-public synergies":

Dr. Smart states this is one step towards a 2-tier health care system - creating 2 standards of health care; one for people that can pay and one for people who can't