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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
« Reply #150 on: August 25, 2021, 10:54:38 am »
who are your claimed "insisters"?
you ignored my question! As I see your post has now been tagged with 3 winner tags, surely you'll get off the pot and actually give the taggers some basis for their tagZeal - yes?

Trudeau's spittle lickers and back peddlers. People like you and Jonathan Wilkinson who act as if Trudeau's promise was little more than some offhand comment that was taken out of context.

your's is nothing more than a self-serving, agenda-driven statement crafted to fit your ad nauseum narrative. Surely you're not claiming that policy pledge was the election outcome determiner - surely not! It's your ilk that wants to manipulate FPTP results toward a 'what-if' PR alternative... meanwhile you somehow ignore the bug feature of Canadian FPTP results that include significant numbers of swing strategy voters - you know, sort of like... ranked balloting!

wait waldo, why not ask member eyeball if he would have accepted the Liberal majority bringing in electoral reform as a ranked ballot system? Ok, ok... well eyeball, would you... change for change's sake, right?