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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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I think a lot of people would support Canadians being able to access private Healthcare. All other Developed countries have a form of 2-tiere Healthcare.

yours is such a broad-brush, non-specific statement! You can say Canada has a form of 2-tier; for example those for profit private health clinics that have membership costs they claim are strictly for non-insured health services... and align with the Canada Health Act (CHA) by billing respective provincial governments for insured health amounts that don't exceed regulatory levels. Of course those membership fees are cost prohibitive to most Canadians - and of course, these clinics through court measures, have repeatedly tried to remove the requirement to align with the CHA. More pointedly these for profit private health clinics take health professionals out of the public sphere.

oh wait waldo, member Boges vaguely said, "a form of"! Would that be like Germany:
About 90% of the German population is covered by statutory health insurance, and the rest, who have higher incomes, have private insurance. Specialist treatment is mainly provided by doctors in their practices and, to a lesser extent, by hospital outpatient departments. A small percentage of the medical practices treat only private patients. Treating private patients is as much as 35% more lucrative.
The shortest waiting time for patients with statutory health insurance was 6.8 working days for a hearing test (2.2 for private patients), and the longest was 24.8 working days for gastroscopy (11.9 for private patients). On average private patients got appointments three times quicker.

on edit: added link to referenced study
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