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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
« Reply #105 on: August 21, 2021, 12:43:55 am »
during the last election, by CPC design, Ontario Premier Doug Ford was persona non grata... viewed so unpopular as to do harm to the CPC fortunes! On the other hand, then popular Alberta Premier Jason Kenney even came to Ontario to campaign for the CPC/Scheer.

but now, Kenney has disappeared from public view - some wags suggest he's simply too embarrassed over the Covid-19 impacts of removing restrictions too soon and the resulting tarnish on his much hyped, 'best summer ever'. Others also see a similar theme to DOFO's disappearing act - that the CPC views Kenney as a negative impact on its campaign and doesn't want Kenney campaigning for leader O'Toole!

today, given Kenney's unpopularity across Canada and in particular Alberta, CPC/O'Toole was asked about the possibility of Premier Kenney campaigning for him... O'Toole gave the standard pat answer that he was proud of his relationship with all their provincial Conservative counterparts.