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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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hey member cyber, concerning universal pharmacare, here's one aimed at your favoured NDP party:

for weeks prior to the campaign and now again in the campaign yesterday, NDP Singh has been outright lying concerning the NDP sham&stunt "pharmacare bill" - repeatedly falsely stating the Liberal government voted against drug coverage for all Canadians. A representative summary from the NDP Party (issued just yesterday):

a few extracts from our related prior exchanges from another thread:

Quote from: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
The NDP are pulling a political stunt to try to demonstrate that it could do it with the wave of a magic wand. We work in the real world here. No Canadian should have to make a choice between buying medication and putting food on the table. We will therefore continue to work towards national universal pharmacare. We will do so in respect of the Constitution and in partnership with the provinces and not impose a political decision from Ottawa. We believe in partnership as the path forward.

Unlike the NDP, we will not be imposing, in provincial jurisdiction, rules that are not worked out with the provinces. We respect the constitution on this side of the House and we’ll work hand in glove with the premiers to ensure… pharmacare universally across this country

on member cyber! How odd you would choose to simply dismiss those building blocks... those foundational elements of national pharmacare. Unlike the NDP reliance on "magic beans and unconstitutional stunts", the Trudeau Liberal government chooses to follow guiding recommendations of the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare; again, (some of its) recommendations that shaped Budget 2019 that announced the Trudeau Liberal government’s intention to move forward on 3 foundational elements of national pharmacare; specifically:

To make prescription drugs more affordable and more accessible to more Canadians, the Government intends to work with its partners on the creation of:

The Canadian Drug Agency, a new national drug agency that would build on existing provincial and territorial successes, and take a coordinated approach to assessing effectiveness and negotiating prescription drug prices on behalf of Canadians. Negotiating better prices could help lower the cost of prescription drugs for Canadians by up to $3 billion per year in the long term.

A national formulary—a comprehensive, evidence-based list of prescribed drugs, to be developed as part of the Canadian Drug Agency. This would provide the basis for a consistent approach to formulary listing and patient access across the country.

A national strategy for high-cost drugs for rare diseases to help Canadians get better access to the effective treatments they need. This is an important first step in expanding drug coverage through federal support.

notwithstanding that sham NDP "pharmacare bill" was nothing more than an unconstitutional political stunt intending to unilaterally impose requirements on provinces, as a private member's bill, it can't provision to, can't position to, can't intend to, can't SPEND MONEY!

as I stated earlier, the federal government, positioning as a partner, continues to work with the provinces toward reaching consultative agreements on pharmacare. In that vein, PEI is the first province to sign a foundational agreement towards pharmacare: Ottawa inks $35M deal with P.E.I. to help pay prescription drug costs