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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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yours is amateur hour Gorgeous. Who should be surprised the CPC, once again, selectively pulls a comment... extracting it without accompany context! Same ole, same ole CPC bullshyte! Here's the complete Q/A:

waldo factoids:
=> monetary policy is the purview of the Bank of Canada - the independent BoC! The BoC's target inflation mandate comes from the federal government... currently set @2% - that target helps to guide the framework that the BoC uses/follows to set its monetary policy. On the other hand, fiscal policy is the domain of the federal government. Do ya see the distinction, hey Gorgeous? And interestingly since he was mentioned in the prior post, David Dodge is on record as favouring the status-quo 2% inflation target for the BoC.

and by-the-by, CPC leader O'Toole was asked the exact same question later in the day... and he skirted answering it; opting instead to babble on about the most wondrous GST holiday month the CPC is promising as a part of its vote-buying package! LOL!