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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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The Cons just can’t help but get in their own way. The reason this came to be is from OToole promising to protect the “conscience rights”of healthcare providers.

you're late to the game squiggy - the waldo already mentioned it! In actuality it's referenced within the CPC election platform... somehow the CPC doesn't include the reference within the platform section titled, 'A Detailed Plan to Secure Healthcare'; rather, and the waldo shytes you not, it appears in a section titled, 'A Detailed Plan for a Freer Canada'! ... saying that, "if elected we will protect the conscience rights of healthcare professionals.” Typical Conservative "Freedumb" bullshyte!

zinger line from PM Trudeau this morning: "Erin O'Toole thinks pro-choice is a doctor's choice, rather than a woman's choice!" For example, to the waldo it appears there is purposeful CPC interpretations to protect the so-called gate-keeping role of physicians to deny providing access referrals... or more pointedly, per the CPC election platform, expressed CPC intentions to roll-back some of the Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) legislation passed by the government/House this past March.