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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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a whole lotta CPC supporters chest-thumping & high-fivin' over yesterday's election outcome in Nova Scotia!

waldo, are there actually any Progressive Conservatives left in the reformatory CPC party... c'mon waldo, can you name just one? Look what happened to Peter MacKay! Anyway, CPC supporters are not taking kindly to having it pointed out that, per TorStar's Steve McKinley - Halifax Bureau:

New Nova Scotia premier-designate Tim Houston in fact made a point during his campaign of distancing himself from his federal cousins — and of labelling himself a “red Tory.” Houston took great pains through the campaign to paint himself as a red Tory, and to distance himself from the federal Conservatives and their leader, repeatedly emphasizing the “progressive” in Progressive Conservative.

Quote from: Newly Designated Nova Scotia Premier - leader of the Progressive Conservative Party - Tim Houston
My focus is Nova Scotians, and I’ve always been focused on Nova Scotia. And so I’m not beholden to any federal leader.

We’re the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative party. The federal party is called the Conservative Party of Canada. It’s not just different words, they’re different parties. I, personally, am not a member of the federal party.