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Re: 2021 Election Campaign
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more on the earlier phoney theme that drew the waldo in to reinforce the reality of the phoney O'Toole: in the past the CPC/O'Toole continually spoke of O'Toole's supposed 12-year military career... but now, based on early day mentions, it looks to become a 2021 election campaign emphasis.

of course we've had a go-around on this in prior threads, shining light on the reality of his 5... and only 5 years of actual service. Again, the claimed 12 years was actually:
=> 4 years at RMC Kingston to land an... arts degree; and,
=> as a reservist, 3 years at Dalhousie in Halifax to obtain a law degree; and,
=> 5 actual years of military service to the country. More pointedly, its quite telling that "staunch" militaryMan O'Toole opted not to leverage the law career that was waiting for him within the military... choosing instead the corporate law path - cause he'd quite clearly had enough of the Canadian military after serving just those 5 years!

of course it's well understood that O'Toole wanted to become a fighter-pilot; however, he didn't have the 'Right Stuff' and had to settle as a helicopter navigator. But that didn't stop the CPC/O'Toole leadership campaign that actually played up that fighter-pilot angle with numerous Top Gun related mentions/memes - one of the actual campaign images appearing below! The other image is a more recent one of O'Toole wearing a flight-jacket (something he often appears in) even though the RCAF symbol on it only came into existence 8 years after O'Toole had already left the military! Talk about a phoney O'Toole, hey!