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2021 Election Campaign
« Reply #30 on: August 12, 2021, 10:23:59 am »
He threw a few crumbs here and there and talked a good game, but you're right, he achieved nothing.  The only thing (other than weed) that I can think of is that he trolled Trump a couple of times and put Canada on the map with his perceived charm.

Otherwise, nothing as far as domestic policy goes.

"otherwise nothing"? So misinformed, such political naivete!

...and aside from legalizing pot they didn't exactly inspire during that time.

the kimmo is misinformed and misinforming - by design, hey!

pre-pandemic... say, 2018 in review:
    - Increasing the Canada Child Benefit to help families keep up with the cost of living
    - New EI Parental Sharing Benefit, to provide 5 extra weeks of benefits when parental leave is shared
    - Supporting 40,000 new, affordable child care spaces across Canada
    - Introduced the new Poverty Reduction Act, which if passed, will cut poverty in half by 2030

    - Lowering the small business tax rate to help small businesses grow
    - Moving forward with diversifying Canadian trade with CPTPP and CETA
    - Addressing harassment and sexual violence in federally-regulated workplaces
    - Canadians have created more than 800,000 new jobs since 2015, and Canada’s unemployment rate is at its lowest in 40 years

    - Investing in women entrepreneurs at home and in developing countries
    - New investments to end drinking water advisories on reserves
    - Moving forward on the Canada–Métis Nation Accord

    - Welcomed the largest private-sector investment in Canadian history with LNG Canada in Kitimat, BC – which will lead to 10,000 middle class jobs
    - Announced plans for co-developed legislation to protect the rights and well-being of Indigenous children and families

    - A New NAFTA – Getting a good deal for Canadian workers, businesses, and our middle class
    - Introduced the Accessible Canada Act to advance rights for Canadians with disabilities
    - New investments and a new Minister to focus on helping Canada’s seniors

    - Building affordable housing with Canada’s first-ever National Housing Strategy
    - Fighting climate change by putting a price on pollution
    - Legalizing and strictly regulating marijuana

    - Introduced pay equity legislation, so women get equal pay for work of equal value
    - Investing in education for women and girls in crisis and conflict situations
    - The largest investment in science in Canadian history

    - New openness and transparency for political fundraising events
    - Launching the Canada Service Corps to involve young Canadians in their communities

    - New Canada Workers Benefit to help Canadians working to join the middle class
    - Hosted the G7 in Charlevoix to address climate change, gender equality, and building economies that work for everyone

    - Offered an official apology to passengers of the MS. St. Louis and their families
    - Passed Bill C-76 to modernize elections and make it easier for Canadians to vote
    - Strengthening air passenger rights for Canadian travellers
    - Increased support for NATO, and renewed Canadian leadership in the world
    - Historic new investments in better transit, roads, and bridges