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Re: Election Campaign - you know its coming!
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just how out-of-touch is the CPC as it continues to push Harper as some kind of 'saviour' to counter the oh so anemic CPC/O'Foole pre-campaign polling numbers?

The Canadian government has spent irresponsibly in its attempt to fend off the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic - It's not a good reaction, it's been overkill. This is bad macroeconomic policy on an enormous scale.

Canada's vaccine rollout was slowed due to lacklustre execution and the government's poor relationships with drug companies. When we were in government, we never had any trouble or problem making sure we had vaccinations and vaccines well in advance of getting them distributed. So it's just a matter of competent execution.
I'm just fascinated by this notion that is just everywhere now, the so-called woke notion that America is a fundamentally racist country. And yet what I see is all of these supposedly repressed races trying desperately to become Americans and to join the United States. It's not that there aren't problems, historical and present, that are real, but the core of our countries are great, they have great futures and there is no alternative. The modern political left has become entirely nihilist and appears more interested in tearing down existing systems than in upholding and improving upon traditional democratic values.

Stephen Harper: Rejecting Wokeness, Addressing China, and Defending Western Values
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